chima photo profileNollywood USA Movie Emperor, Chima Austin Celebrates Movie/ Music & African Professionals in MD. By Smutkut Entertainment Blogs

At the Chima Movie Empire ProductionInc. the bucks stops at Austin’s desk. Chima’s personality splits into multiple dimensions, each reflecting how we see and relate to him. He is like an Emperor or a Godfather who could be so loving and caring, meek as a lamb ; he could also be as dangerous as an offended Godfather fighting back like a caged lion lol,  Chima is one of the hardest workinchima event 4ag Nollywood  film practitioners in the USA, and he has a lot of laurels to show for it. On the weak element of excuses we left many things undone but not with Chima- he is the Boss that gets things done by whatever works.

Emperor Austin will not hesitate to let you know that the world is like a looking glass, it gives back to every man the exact reflections of his face. He has gradually assumed a larger than life persona in the Nollywood USA Film Industry, he is like a force awakens, a powerful force that you cannot ignore, even if you wanted to. He is not famous but famed; not powerful but potent, a veteran actor/ smart filmmaker who is very colorful, as you know Emperors in whatever capacity with modesty have never gone hand in hand. Chima is also a produs cer who values the essence of excellence in the making of African films. In time and space Chima had decided where his best advantage lay – in the Nollywood film industry; like managing the ‘A ‘list Actors, film distribution, eventchima event 5a promotion , astute business man and a remarkable Nollywood film distributor in the USA.  Chima is very charismatic especially in relating very professionally with his high profile Nollywood actors- he has a wonderful business relationship with Ramsey Nouah.

Chima was among the major individuals exclusively instrumental in having some quality African movies being included in the major USA Cable /TV Networks like Comcast Cable, Xfinity, Time Warner, Cox TV networks to securing for African Filmmakers their movie rights, sales, promotions, online marketing in USA, UK, Canada and Africa. Chima’s high profile Nollywood classic movie ‘BUSTED LIFE’ featuring Nollywood iconic sex symbol Ramsey Nouah, will continue to be a parameter on how to market a Nollywood movie, apparently, some people might argue that it has stayed too long, but in the show business, the end justifies the means.

To the Nollywood movie Emperor, respect is only two way traffic, what you respect he says you will attract. Always remember that your significance is not in your similarity to another; but in your point of difference from another. Chima has sponsored and presided in some beauty pageants as a judge, especially in 2010 most beautiful girl in Abuja, capital city of Nigeria.  Currechima event 4ntly, Chima has been inducted by Philafilm Festival  and Market to lead African and Nollywood Film industry to 2016 Philadelphia Film and Market.  January 15th, 2016, Chima is launching African Entertainment Network Night in Baltimore.

Chima Movie Empire and delectable Nollywood veteran actress, Eucharia Anunobi with others as Judges of the 2010 Most Beautiful Girl in Abuja, Nigeria. In 2012 March Edition front cover of  Nollywood Entertainment Magazine  recognized Chima as America-Nigeria born in Nollywood movie industry for making a difference in Filmmaking and affecting the lives of youths ancelebrated as the Who’s Who in Nigerian Entertainment Industry’s ‘PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR’ for the month of March. Chima’s reaction as he was inducted into Nollywood movie industry he gushes in the paragraphs below

Chima Movie Empire is the all-in-one solution for movie production, celebrity networking, movie chima movie 2dasales/marketing and much more. We have driven several Nollywood projects to unimaginable heights with record sales and others both home and abroad,  Chima was listed and d profit. Complete and working titles include: numerous Nollywood projects. We continuously evolve with Nollywood and other competitive markets and possess the required knowledge and experience to deliver distinctive masterpieces. Chima Movie Empire is a house-hold name in the entertainment industry that stands out for quality work and product that will meet international appeal. We uphold the status that strives for African movies to meet the international standard to compete with global market in film industry.

If you (producer) cannot recover the invested capital or make profit from a movie project, we are definitely the solution you need. We are affiliated with some of the biggest names in news and other public media providers, so publicizing your movie will not be a challenge neither will premiering. Many other producers, merchants and directors turn to us.

 Visual effects CHIMA AUSTIN WRITTER EXCUTIVE PRODUCERare always connected with trends. Sometimes there are so many trends that you can no longer manage with such a huge selection. No problem with Chima Movie Empire. We are your contact partner when it comes to individual movie projects and event planning which will make you feel good. Our Movies store provides you with a large selection from which to choose items that meet your taste. When doing so, we will help you combine different products and will advise you professionally, competently, and comprehensively.”

By Stanley Chinedu Acholonu ( Executive Editor @ Smutkut Entertainment Blogs)smutkut icon