Smutkut Entertainment Blog is a subsidiary section of SMUTKUT ENTERTAINMENT MOVIES & DOCUMENTARIES. It is run and operated by the CEO & Founder ; Stanley Chinedu Acholonu, a Veteran Television Journalist, Seasoned Magazine Editor, Award-wining International feature writer.

Apart from writing passion, stanley has excelled very well in the areas of Television & Movie scripting / Directing; The company has screenpled and directed many award winning documentaries, movies and television series.fall15c

     The Company; SMUTKUT , Specializes in 

Designing Television Programming , Script -Consulting Services, Shooting & Directing Feature films, Documentaries / Workshop Projects, Book Reviewing  & freelance writing;  Diaspora celebrity event coverages. we help you to capture those memorable moments of your life

       Email – achoboy88@gmail.com ; Phone – 832 373 4514, studio recording @ TSU