BIAFRA IN A CONTINUUM OF TIME @ 50. By Stanley C. Acholonu

How did we come down to this continuum of time? Let us not forget who we are or how menacing & bravely our Gladiator fathers & Uncles fought at the famed epic battles of Ore, Abagana, Owerri, Aba and Umuahia. A time when Heroes became gods of war – stilted tense, stoop and blazing in patriotism to preserve the absolute entity of Biafra. Biafra is a recurring consciousness that has been woven into a continuum of time, like a vicious cycle of Abiku, coming and going through the sensibilities of Nigerians for more than four decades.

A new generation has risen from the mutilated ashes of their fathers wounds. A Millennium generation antithetical to their father’s generation, with a sense of moot and very internet strong, an army like no other army. A battle like no other battle looms ahead, devoid of the likes of the trenches of Abagana .

How tricky is time. How crafty are the lessons of history. They are always hidden inside the trunks of ambition & power. Which makes a leader lose recollection when they get close to the trunk. This time the arenas of battles have moved mostly to the Cyber zone, which is the largest experiment in self-expression.

A cyber war zone in the modern age is where Nations will rise and fall on the timelines of internet pages and on the psyche of awed world audience. The matrix of war antics has changed. Over time and space, Biafra should have again, realization of a 21st Century Nationhood to reload & reboot itself. Time is a trickster; those who do not move with the pace of time will not survive its vortex.

Ibos soldiers, civil war, Biafra, Nigeria, April 1968

 It is a new dawn and an exciting equation in the logic of numbers in relation to Nigerian standing army and Biafran standing gladiator guerrillas. Survival has no law, and the law of necessity has no rule. Biafrans were born ready to die. Biafrans had always been dying. Of course, we will all die in the end.  What a better reason to die for a cause that you believed in, than to die without a cause, a coward’s death. Death is death and will surely come when it will come, so said William Shakespeare. In 47yrs, Biafra had grown into a stage four-neglected cancer within the nourished body of Nigeria. A good Nigerian prognosis is based on the removal of Biafra.

Nigeria has always been a place that attracts Treasury looters. The new generation of Biafrans have no future in the matrix of Nigerian politics and economy. Only time can heal the unrelenting atrocities and schemes for the genocidal extermination of the Igbo (1967-1969). The world looked away from Biafran genocide. It was an unprecedented level of brutality. Today the international war arena has moved to the cyber zone. The Biafran internet nerds are growing every day. Only time will tell what the outcome of this bizarre war will be.

Nigeria is the opposite of Biafra in every way. Nigerian is  corrupt , depraved, uncaring , resistant to creativity, lack of educational zeal and enterprise , technologically shy, bigoted, religious fanatics, tribalistic and a political Waterloo for all Biafran aspirants. While Biafrans are ingenuous, enterprising, scientifically and technologically inclined. What really encapsulated the spirit of Biafra more than anything was patriotism and the ideology of communal capitalism. This was woven into the Ahiara Declaration that laid out the values and dreams of Biafra. Nigerians are selfish while Biafrans are their brother’s keeper. Nigerians are professional Sycophants while Biafrans never bow to anybody and do not recognize autonomous kingship. Biafrans are inventors of many patents around the world while Nigerians are intellectually lazy.

The concept of Nigeria is based on primordial tribal desire and sentiments while the concept of Biafra is an immortal desire and sentiments in the innermost heart of every true Igbo extraction in anywhere in the world. You can be an Igbo man without being a Biafran, but you cannot be a Biafran without your proud Igbo Identity. So let us not forget who we are, or where we come from, the land of the sunrise where our destiny lies.


Stanley Acholonu (Film Director & Social Activist Writer)

Executive Editor @ Smutkut Entertainment Blog