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                        “Creativity is allowing you to make mistakes; Art is knowing which one to keep”

                                                         Scott Adams

Award Winning Film Director/Screen writer Stanley Chinedu Acholonu celebrates his ndollo poster 2DSC03228booming new career in film acting. The Film“Ndollo & the Senator” A Cameroonian USA Blockbuster film is his latest carefully select-movie appearances. On January 30th 2016, all roads lead to the famous AMC Studio 30 @ Dunvale Street off Westheimer Street, Houston Tx. The movie is produced by Mbango Adambi, written and directed by Gordon  Che. It has become obvious that        Ndollo & the Senator would become the first Cameroonian movie that would be premiered this year. An outstanding production from the Edge Media in Collaboration with Afropora production.

stanley in NDOLLO 2Starring in “Ndollo & the Senator” are Nollywood Super Star Frank Artus, Producer /actress Mbango Adambi & Nollywood USA Prolific filmmaker Kelechi Eke BigObi as the distinguished Senator. Also featuring are Sunnyfield Okezie, Jasmine Roland, Edith Pikwa, Kester Kenny Kuku, Milred Kwasima, Samson Tarh, Eko Leonel, Ruth Taku, John Okafor, Praxedes Wara, Beverly Ncho and many more. “Ndollo & the Senator “were filmed by Nollywood USA Veteran DOP Nick Angwafo.

DSC03290In this film, Award Winning Film Director, Stanley Acholonu has moved from plain anonymity to an unprecedented delightful visual appearance with his unique brief style of dialogues and his signature dark sunshade & bowler hat. Stanley’s talents are layered inconspicuously; you just can’t notice them in just one meeting or in one movie. Chinedu started as a feature writer, reviewing published books, Magazine Editor, film directing/screen writing and now into character acting in carefully select-movies.


PICT4467His previous film appearances include; “ Caged “ as an Eccentric Billionaire, “ Message to Bryan “as an Insurance Executive, the “ Fall Guy” as a smooth unassuming Mobster. Chinedu’s recent film appearance in “Ndollo & the Senator” puts him up among a band of unscrupulous government contract Lobbyists, who influences an African Senator of Cameroon for his supply of American car models to that country. Stanley’s character seems to be wearing a sneaky polished sophisticated appearance with a tint of dignity, but with a lot of ethical contradictions.


The Lobbyists @ their game

Chinedu’s persona embodies great intellectual capacity with a flair for glamour. As a budding actor, he is obviously learning very fast from one select movie to another. One of the challenges facing Stanley is trying to re-adjust from the role reversal of being in charge as a Director to being an inconsequential actor who waits for the Director’s orders. As a writer, Stanley comes out easily as the quintessential example of the ideal writer, analytical mind, focused, determined and persevering in approach.

Script Reading with Director

Actually, I find him as a voracious reader, and admire his specific attention to details, quick –witted and excitedly conversational on virtually any subject. His other earlier background includes: A television Journalist with the Nigerian Television Authority of DSC03267the News Directorate NTA.   Columnist & Newspaper Reporter with the “African American Pride Newspaper” in Houston Texas. A Researcher and the Editor of the “People Of The Africa “ POA Magazine in Houston before going into Film Directing and screen writing.

DSC03256Asked if he has left the lofty career of a Film Director for mere acting role, he quickly enthused this way “ No I have not left film directing, am seriously engaged in an Epic-Documentary project which has been going on for over 3yrs , it is about 90% completed. I never knew I was born with an inert acting ability. This realization came out after acting that silly awkward role of an eccentric Billionaire MR HUMMA in “Caged” Movie with JJ Bunny. I like to be in hilarious and exasperated scenes, characterized by sumptuous colorful imagery and make-belief roles of fantasy Mobsters. In fact, its fun being on a movie set as an actor than being on a set as a Director. On set as an actor, you lack a sense of responsibility to the project, while you are also seriously DSC03239pampered as a 5th Grader, nice food, variety of drinks, candies and over exaggerated attention lol. It’s interesting how much fun actors have on a movie set, but as a Director, you hit the ground running saddled with the responsibility of making the movie successful in any way possible. I also realized how important it is for an actor not to forget his or her lines and the need to have good presence of mind on the set and why every director dreads Truancy on a movie set, is because it could compromise the whole movie project or sky rocket the budget. Talking on my current apparent acting career, I DSC03233have realized that this is the moment in my career when I have to stretch one more element of my ability beyond the comfort zone of that ability. When you define yourself, people will always live up to your standard.”

For the film Ndollo & the Senator, Stanley indicated that his role was not much but it was remarkably felt. The Film was a bold storyline woven intricately around some concepts of ndollo poster 3Altruism, a traditional virtue in many cultures, where the practice of unselfish concern or devotion to the welfare of others is paramount. The need to be our brother’s keeper even at a risk or cost to DSC03250ourselves was very commendable. In “Ndollo & the Senator” it could also mean that being Human could be beneficial as well. Equally, wearing a Human face has its merits & demerits, it could also bring a feeling of being exposed to emotional hurt or being taken advantage of or abused. It also presented situations of choices, of sacrificing to be a brother’s keeper. The suspense is very scintillating and gripping, buy your ticket now and mark your calendar for 30th of this month end…fall15c Bradley Williams Jr. is an Associate Editor @ SMUTKUT ENTERTAINMENT BLOG





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