” Never expect logic & reason to govern human affairs”
” When an arrow leaves the bow, it never returns”
” A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”
 Never forget that Knowledge is POWER.

 Have you ever imagined how time forces us to grow old, if not, we prefer to cling to some memorable frozen time frame, remarkable snap shot, we exclaimed wow! at geometr

Gazing @ the sun

ic progressive growth of our kids in one year, that is the time element at work we cannot do anything about it. We don’t like change, in fact everyday, every moment our universe is in a perpetual flux of change, People cross each others parts leaving indelible i
mpressions and silly stupid impressions as well. Colloquially we have come to accept the public perception that “Bad boys are no good – But good boys are no fun, read my lips.

Today, is another milestone in my life, in my birthday tradition, I will reminisce with my readers , friends and relations on timeless anecdotes, wise , and cracks, tit bits an eloquent candid poetic language on HOW DO WE MEASURE THE ESSENCE OF A MAN, money , power, politics and THE EFFECT OF TIME ON US and among others. Have you experience

Looking into the future

d that many people lose their tempers merely from seeing you keep yours, Bremer said, that courage is not the absence of fear, but the conquest of fear. My first advice for you is to think like a man of action and act like a man of thought. Am very fond of this Chinese proverb that says that “men who sit on the fence stand the risk of being crushed from either side.

Time has obviously proved that, it is both hazardous and dishonorable for a man to act contrary to the dictates of his conscience. We are all witness to the fact that men repeat their failures as a result of their refusal to be guided by lessons of History. The Bible said, as a man thinket, so is he, in fact, they never fail, who die in great cause. How dramatic is the fallacy that nothing unifies people like a common enemy, what an irony of human behavior, I call it a team of rivals.
A philosophical Yoruba proverb says “you cannot abort a pregnancy after the baby is born. Now let me recall some memorable lines of some of my Heroes; Nelson Mandela said that “for to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. Well I don’t think that nature has read the Declaration of Independence or else it would not continue to make us unequal so said Will Durant. Now a bit of Nigerian warped democratic process. Lawrence J Peter enthused that Democracy is a process by which the people are free to choose the man who will get the blame – Jonathan & Buhari, while for the Nigerian voter, Art Spander in his true element noted that “The great thing about Democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.
“Money! money! money, must be sunny in the rich man’s world” so sang the famed Swedish pop band ABBA. Money alone sets the entire world in motion. The love of money my Bible warns with some Priestly high mindedness is the root of all evils; contrarily, Capitalism warns that lack of money is not good for a good credit, low income & joblessness.

The vagaries of money and man are a paradox beyond the spectrum of logic; or else, how can we ever understand that the value of money lies in its scarcity- Economic 101. Apparently, how can we re-consider that the beauty of money lies in its abundance- that money is relative to comfort. It is apparent statement of fact that money and its opposite cousin Ideas rules world. No Priest/Pastor etc ever pious with the thoughts of Heaven would ever ignore money, how can anybody just ignore money. Money is a two edge Knife- used to execute negative & positive projects. The lesson here is that money doesn’t behave; it is behaved upon, by whom, of course by y

The young shall grow as the future is purchased with the present.

ou reading this article, we put money to bad use and blame money
for being bad. My main message today understands, what is the measure of man, to get an idea of that, I will take you through murky spidery way of various ideas, nuances of God and man’s purpose on earth. Have you thought about, that to get Mr. Right you must get to remove Ms. Blame.

True love when it exists, is a Candle whose flame can never be extinguished contrarily, love is a very subjective phenomenon lets get over it here and talk about other things lol.
I have always clarified my priorities in life, with me you know where you stand in every moment of my life. I make no room for outdated notions, waste of money, external superficial influences; they don’t shape what I desire in life. Am a man of ideas, a thinker & a lover of Christ, am never bothered about what people think about me. I do what makes me happy and what will influence positively other people around me. I do not believe in the stars of the Zodiac, its all bullshit crap, logic and deductive speculations.
Am very immaterial, a man of words, I don’t express my self worth through possessions and tangibles. As for me today, I know that God made me with a vibrant irrepressible spirit, God made me very special, am not IMG_1184like most men, but I have one little fault, which is very big to my friends and relations. I argue a lot, if you know me ; then you must know that. I cannot apologize for that; I have learnt one thing over the years, that people who brand me as that always argue more than me , but they saw a
match in me, you need to overwhelmed me with superior logic, then I will bow to you oh, everybody has their own faults. Please don’t judge me.
Oh I almost forgot again, am very enthusiastic with any projects am in involved with. Am dynamic and literarily move at the speed of light, am extremely quick witted, God lavished his gifts of creation on me, but left me to barely an average height, am still watching my height lol. life is too short; we must make the best of it for God’s glory and for humanity. We should stop hating one another or bickering
for fame & accolades in our different careers. It takes a real man to like another person’s glorious achievements on somebody’s timeline. As for me , only me can talk like me, dress like me, argue very well like me, eat so passionately like me, dance so poorly like me, write so well like me, and annoy all friends very positively like me lol, and love so passionately like me. I can never be duplicated by anybody.
Have you noticed that light attracts light, darkness attracts darkness, selfish attrac
Albert Einstein the greatest scientist of all time, clarified in his theory of relativity the very essence of TIME, he also enthused that gravity is a curvature of space. Our birthdays are celebrated in time & space. Our fondest memories are marked in time and space. My Bible also inferred that time is everything and IMG_1182everything is time, God is time and time is God, Genesis chapter1, verse 1, “In the beginning of “TIME” God created Heaven and Earth” fast forward to verse 27, I love the syntax of the verse “so God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male & female created them” I have always wondered ever since I could read on the conjugation and dictions of the above verse.
Oh man, strange composite of Heaven and Earth, made before the beginning of time, today I have come to realize that time ripen all things, time itself is an element and the greatest innovator. Have you ever noticed that “ANGER is one letter short of DANGER, very interesting indeed? You will be surprised that “whenever you turn to face God, that he has been facing you all the while. What is man that you should be so mindful of him?
Man has wallowed back and forth in the abyss of time, what is the measure of man I asked again. Man is on a pilgrimage through this worl
d. When we are measuring a man, we may use some of his actions. We saw a slice of his illusion in Al Pacino’s Scarface film, a complete epitaph of man- vulgar, daring, proud, self adulating, bold & violent. The Bible says, that there is a time for everything, from man’s sunrise to sunset man remains so discontent with heaviness cast upon his eyes, upon the road before him.IMG_1189
Our birthdays is a constant reminder that all living things must bow into the vortex of time Again soberly, what is the measure of man, in a lighter mood, we heard man’s dreams and hopes in the immortal voice of Martin Luther King, while we saw his graphic unimaginable viciousness in Hitler’s extermination of the Jews and ISSIS horrendous beheading of Christians. I asked again what criteria can we ever measure man… These questions can never be unanswered.
Alone and alone, man strides the universe. Man absolute in arrogance, steeped deep in timeless and spaceless chauvinism. An abstract dialogue between man and the Universe that I created ,Man; ‘ Sir I exist” Universe; replied “ that fact has not been created in me” Man; “ by who” Universe; “ by God the creator” Man; “ why am I the only one here in this billion galaxies of stars, what is the purpose of my creation” Universe; “ you pray to your creator to find out, by the way I am the Universe I control time, my creator gave you a little life span” Man; “ why” Universe “ so that you will make haste while my sun shines- it is only my creator, the God Almighty that is outside the vortex of my time, by the way, what was your little foot print doing on my Moon, how dare you”
Yet , man is the measure of all things, using his mere 3 letter name to represent mortals as Mankind, what Reed is man, the weakest in nature yet he is a thinking Reed. Ambitious proud man with his tiny foot print glazing the surface of the moon for all eternity, he has survived himself. Dressed in little brief authority, the proper study of man is man himself- me & you reading this piece. Today instead of enjoying my birthday am busy worrying about what man has made of
man, a power hungry element.
Power! sweet power, the ultimate of human desires, Bertrand Russell, the great English Philosopher said it all “of the infinite desires of man, the greatest are Power & Glory. The absolute analogy of power desire was most exemplified in the Greek myth, we read about how Zeus and his brothers drew lots for their shares of the Universe. The sea fell to Poseidon, and the underworld to Hades. Zeus became the supreme ruler. Him alone was the Lord of the Sky, the rain god and the Cloud gatherer, who welded the awful thunderbolt, can you imagine that his power was greater than that of all the other divinities together. He told them like most tyrants of this world, that “I am the mightiest of all make a trial that you may know”
most African leaders are like Zeus . to be continued later. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF IMG_1191

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