Your prayers worked, God is ever in control. God is our guide. Texas American lone star state and Houston the 4th largest city, oil capital of the world, medical capital of the world, and the most diverse city in America and the ancestral home of OTC oil conference cannot be held down perpetually by mere floody Harvey lol. God redeemed us from the calamities of wicked Uncle Harvey.

In a tensed and harrowing 120 hours of house arrest and gritty hair spinning rescue missions of residents on the swampy streets of Houston. With your prayers and divine interventions, Houston finally survived an unprecedented devastation, that calibrated a fifty two inches of rain enough for a whole year in straight 5 days, with over five hundred thousand cars buried completely under water. Interestingly, over seventeen thousand desperate people were rescued in a different Hollywood film styled high stunts mode; Low flying Helicopters dropping and picking fragile residents and kids over treacherous swampy eight lanes famous Houston roads.

Today we give God the glory as the sun has risen over Houston once again, y’all prayers worked, taming & curtailing the merciless destructive strength of Mother Nature. 2017 Hurricane Harvey have redefined precedents and shattered all pre-existing records. For once we realized that a picture/video clip are worth more than a million texts & tweets, and the power of the social media became indispensable and rose to the level of its in-competences. It has inevitably become a new normal of mass communication in any modern day crisis. Big congrats to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and among others.

Today August 30 2017, Texas & Houston celebrates its 181 yr. birthday since 1836. We are Texans, and the seed of resilience and big brotherness define the core character of Houstonians. Today, the eyes of the world are on Houston as we move into the recovery mode. To God be the glory for sparing our lives and properties.

Stanley Chinedu Acholonu (Executive Editor @ SMUTKUT ENTERTAINMENT BLOG)


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