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By Stanley Chinedu Acholonu (Executive Editor @ SMUTKUT ENTERTAINMENT BLOG)

A double minded man will find it difficult to commit to anything; you can never rise above your thinking, never forget that it is in your area of need that the temptation comes strongest”

LANRA ARABA 4               Anonymous

Whenever, I remember the word enthusiasm, the first person that comes to my mind is the famous Houston Pastor Joel Olsten of the Lakewood Church; he has invariably clichéd the word in my mind. When you add unrelenting to it, the next person that comes to my mind is Lanre Araba the CEO & Founder of the Nigerian Arts, Fashion & Beauty (NAFB) Awards under the Founding Fathers Inc.

In fact, let a man lose everything in the world but his enthusiasm and he will rise again to success. If you have a dream, enthusiasm will surely add a reason to it, very interesting indeed. If you also have a project, enthusiasm will ensure it is completed and not abandoned. It is so forceful and infectious that Teachers totally count on it; students usually fail without it, especially in their Maths & Physics classes lol) Again, our leaders and Politicians desperately demand it from us. Put enthusiasm & unrelenting together, that maybe how you can define Lanre & his NAFB Awards project for over 3285 days of existence.

No man has ever succeeded, who was not accountable for his actions. Accountability protects us from the urge to abdicate our responsibility. Lanre Araba is a man wh
o has taken a step of faith towards his goal of NAFB Awards; he has practically compelled success to yield to him.

We live in a world of that is enmeshed in mediocrity. Everybody wants to be somebody, without doing what it takes to stand out. Excellence is not an accident but something you consciously and conscientiously work at. That is why there are always only a few people in every place who are discernibly more prominent than others.

The Nigerian Arts, Fashion & Beauty (NAFB) Awards is one year shy of a decade of soldiering and advocating for the absolute sartorial African cultural costumes and the promotional of fashion and artistic entrepreneurship for a consistent period of 3285 days of existence. Over this period about 250 coveted trophies have been presented to the most deserving Nigerian extractions in the Diasporan USA.  Houston American’s 4th largest city delights in its Cosmopolitan atmosphere with its famous diverse traditional populace. Within the southwest part of the city the atmosphere become more Nigerian, the ancestral origin of NAFB Awards. Every March/April of the year, Lanra Araba struggles to dress Nigerians in Diaspora in neck deep formal traditional attire, his select audience bejeweled in the most brilliant beads and the finest Aso Oke that the Yorubaland could weave. Lanra Araba enthused that “a people without a culture and a traditional way of identifying themselves are lost literally’ the greatest legacy we can leave for our children in Diaspora is to introduce them gradually to our cultural heritage. His event without doubt have captured in unbroken Nine years the core rhythms and rituals of untainted Africanness. At a glance inside the event, you could think that you are attending a mixed tribal wedding deep in the underbelly of Isala Eko – Lagos Island. The guests all staying in character of their costumes as carefully directed by Lanre Araba & his unrelenting Fashion Police.

LANRA ARABA 7ALanre Araba’s (NAFB) Awards is a good example of my favorite lines of “we learn from experience at the cost of mistakes” in 9yrs of consistent manner, affable and amiable Lanre have never failed to impress us with each year’s Award ceremony. Starting from the 4th edition it became more outstanding with more sponsors joining the bandwagon of successes. Each year the event gets better than the last one. They say that “success has a thousand fathers; while failure is an orphan “his passion in promoting African traditional sartorial dress codes have finally paid off. Lanre is utterly determined in everything he does, his determination not to compromise the very essence of his events visual delight- dressing African is a study in the perseverance of a vision and purpose.

LANRE ARABA 1Martin Luther King did not have a dream, he had a mission Lanre also had a mission to compel us as fashion Police to be proud to wear our African costumes at least within the boundaries of his prestigious event. This year, the NAFB Awards will be shared among stakeholders in the Arts genre- writers, musicians, movie practitioners, fabric merchants and in the fashion sectors- designers, makeup artists, hair stylists and entertainment enthusiasts. The highlights of this year’s event will focus on two outstanding Nigerian International fashion designers. There is a strict dress code of nine years of existence that would be intensely enforced, which says “Formal Traditional Nigerian Attire Only.

LANRA ARABA 2The event would be held as usual inside the main bowl of the prestigious Hilton Houston Southwest Hotel @ 6780 SW Freeway, Houston Texas, 77074, the select attendees are expected to clad in distinguished and glamorous  African attires . For sponsorship considerations, call + 1 832 894 5698, + 1 323 246 7369, our email is – info@nafbawards.com fall15c

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