On this day is a precious milestone in your life and am wishing you a very lovely birthday celebration for being a silent pillar that holds the core of our home. Today you represent my rainbow glowing in the sky, my flash of pride. Today rise and shine because not even time and space can dim the vivacious ness of your free spirit of selflessness and caring that you exude to your family and children, I thank God for your radical transparency which re invigorates you and everybody around you. As we celebrate you today; do not forget to give all the glory of surviving till today to ” the way maker: the promise keeper: the miracle worker and the destiny maker of your life till day. ” Once again wishing u a very lovely birthday to you my dearest.

I want you to take your time to go through these Jokes & Anecdotes on God & Godliness, Humility, Prayers etc on History famous men on their last moments and nuances.

George Herbert said in a quaint poem that God made man with “a glass of blessings standing by; and poured the blessings on his creature-man till only one was left in the glass. Then God looked up and down and paused, God then stayed his hand, fearful that having all things, man would never seek his face again, it shows that God is a jealous God and expect us to worship him at all time, without an excuse…not even a birthday celebration lol

At his death-bed, someone asked Alfred Lord Tennyson if there was anything he wanted. Yes, said the great poet “a new vision of God. God is like an Octagon we see him from different dimensions

Rudy Kipling was once desperately sick and burning with fever. He tossed on his bed and mumbled words which no one could quite morning a nurse bent over him and asked Mr. Kipling, what is it you want? The great poet ceased his restlessness, open his weary eyes, and feebly whispered “I want God’ showing that God is indispensable in our earthly life and beyond.

Ampere, the brilliant discoverer of electrodynamics, when talking to his dear friend Ozanam, he was quoted as always saying and bowing his head, “how great God is, Ozanam; and how nothing is our science” for God is omniscience indeed.

When Astronaut Yuri Gagarin came back from space and said that he never saw God in heaven, someone in Moscow quickly remarked, “if you have not seen him on earth; you will never see him heaven” lol what are we going to do with the Russian Atheists.

This one is about Dr Benjamin Jowett of Balliol with a lady; oh doctor, do tell me. What do you think of God.? Gushed the old lady. But Benjamin replied “ is very unimportant question; the only thing that matters is what God thinks about me’

Even President Theodore Rosevelt played with his boys. When asked why he spent so much time with them, he replied “if every father were so close to his sons, few boys would seek all their amusement away from home, and fewer fathers and mothers would carry arching hearts”

On humility anecdotes; Joshua Ben Hananiah who lived in the second century AD is said to have been one of the wisest men of human history. He was positively not handsome. A Roman princess who met him for the first time said disappointedly, “oh, that such glorious wisdom should come from such a homely vessel” And Hananiah replied” Princess, wine is not kept in a vessel of gold’

This one is very interesting from medieval France, Notker the monk was greatly esteemed by the King of France, Charles the Bald, for his virtue and learning. Once the King spent three whole days in the monk’s monastery taking counsel with Notker. When the nobles heard about it, they were very jealous. One enraged royal counsel planned to humiliate Notker, can you imagine that. Notker was at his prayers in the church when together with many nobles, the counsellor walked up to him and asked in a very LOUD, sardonic voice.” You who are so learned, could you tell me what God is doing right now?” Prompt came the reply from Notker “ God is now exalting the humble and humbling the arrogant”

On Prayer; in praying do not multiply words. The Latin poet Terrence implored his wife, “oh, please wife, stop pounding away at the gods with your thanks- unless you rate them by your own brilliance and think they do not understand a thing if it isn’t repeated to them a hundred times” – A Roman Catholic joke kind of.

On motherhood; Frederic the Great, King of Prussia, could not sleep one night and called the guard in the antechamber to bring a book. The guard who later would be General Ziethen had stayed up several nights, and had now fallen asleep on duty. When no one answered, the King angrily got up and saw that Ziethen had fallen asleep while writing while writing something. It was a letter to his mother; “Mother, I feel very sleepy because I have stood guard for the last few nights, although it was not my turn, in order to earn more money and send it to you. I am sending you ten thalers that I have earned this way” The King went back and brought enough gold coins and drop on him without waking him up.

This one is very emotional indeed; when the squadron under Dewey arrived at the Manila Bay before the battle with the Spanish ships, a sailor asked for permission to jump overboard for his coat, which had fallen into the water. He was refused. But he jumped in, climbed aboard again with the coat and was promptly arrested.

Dewey sternly asked the young man why he had disobeyed orders. The sailor broke down “in the pocket, he explained, “was my mother’s picture, and I didn’t want to lose it” Dewey had him released.

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