By Stanley Chinedu Acholonu ( Executive Editor @ Smutkut Entertainment Blog)

By sheer coincidence of nature, we are all product of a mother I mean all living organism. Every mother’s day I think about one lovely Amazon of a woman, a strong beautiful African woman that had walked among giants and angels. A mother like no other mother. My mother was like a rainbow prism, she means many thing to all of my siblings throughout her short gracious sojourn on earth. Am using my mother as a metaphor of
expression to congratulate all mothers together. My mother Eleogu Rosemary Acholonu reside in a five bedroom deluxe apartment- rent free in my head lol for almost 2 dozen and half years. We never lose or forget those that we love they live forever in our heart. My mother literally existed for me, Chinedu this ! Chinedu that, i was her golden child. I can do no wrong- you feel me. that is how all mothers are. She was virtues, strong, resilient, caring and so resourceful & creative like most mothers. my mum literally waxes music in my name as a child growing up. My mother was my soulmate. from the day i opened my eyes to recognize her as my mother till the day she closed her eyes in death i was the last person that she talked to. We were in separable in life and would also be  in death.

The sobriquet of a mother is a title no woman can lay claim to without the extreme crucible of pain, a pain like no other pain, a pain only a mother can endure and understand, a pain that eventually subside into love to the passage of time, a love of a child that is unbridled and that passes all understanding. A love that only a mother can give. A love that is like no other love.

I grew up understanding that mother is supreme that mothers know all. From a child’s point of view, mothers assume this larger than life image, they are almost literally infallible, and no child has ever imagined her mother being capable of being wrong. Is not that mothers are perfect, but we chose to represent them in absolute flawless position. Being an adult has never diminish the wondrous effect of missing your mother. Mothers are biologically irreplaceable, you only have one go at them. If you still have your mum please cherish her forever.

Being a mother comes with so many genetic traits; God in his awesome wonder gave mothers a maternal instinct that covers a whole spectrum of 911 calls embedded in a mother’s brain regarding her kids. They are now strongly becoming breadwinners, house police, doctors & nurses, handyman, lesson teacher, house maid, house wives they never sleep they just exist for us, a mother is an equivalent of an angel to child’s perspective. No one can ever define the maternal instinct of a mother.

Mothers are fighters too, they fight to the end for their children only, and it does not matter if their child is at fault. An African mother & her American cousin are warrior queens,  Amazons who strategizes and defend their kids from all external aggressions by any means necessary. They share the same similarities with mother Hen. Mothers by default are design to love their kids without any condition – anything contrary is an anomaly

In fact, every aspect of human endeavor has the handprint of a motherhood. From cradle love to our early education woven into watching our characters being molded, then being present in all our milestone successes in life. Still mothers are human- they have silent high dosage of jealousy in their maternal instinct too. This trait has helped them to be on a constant battle with almost all their daughters-in-law – a battle that has lasted almost 3500 years. The heart of a mother was not programed to easily relinquish the control and love of her beloved son. However, times are changing and mothers are adapting to that. Today, let us all rise and salute all mothers and the mothers to be for wonderful selfless services that they have rendered in the lives of their children… to God be the glory…By Stanley Chinedu Acholonu ( Executive Editor @ Smutkut Entertainment Blog)


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