Talented and vivacious Houston Socialite Queen Nonyelum Okadigbo debuts her movie passion career in grand style, as she appears in an urban genre epic movie being produced by delectable Nollywood actress /producer Chinwe Isaac. The urban epic movie is being directed by SMUTKUT Movies and Documentary Production company based in Houston Texas, which is run by the multiple award winning Nollywood film director and screen writer Stanley Chinedu Acholonu.

Queen is a talented up-coming Nollywood USA actress. On the set she showed so much ability and initiatives for a promising career in film making. SMUTKUT Entertainment Blog captured many faces of her emotional display;

Also on my set, is the Mercy Okon Atang who unknown to everybody , would become the new Miss International World Classic crowned Queen for the 2017/2018 year. A narrative close to an anecdote happened on set. A very interesting situation occurred, where her relations came to take her off the set on a particular night of our recording, I told them that they cannot take her away because – that would destroy her continuity in subsequent scenes of the movie in Nigeria, the Producer Chinwe Isaac chipped in saying unless she would forfeit her Nigerian roles- everybody laughed; later I used my executive director power to make her stay, so she stayed through the shoot, few days after I saw her on the news and online as the newly crowned Queen- I said wow ! my bad , another big lesson learnt, always try to be flexible in certain situations, be moderate in everything you do.

I was very happy for her, and for making Nigeria and Africa proud by beating other 40 beauty icons in a keenly contested pageant show. The young Nigerian UNIZIK Undergraduate who recently reigned as the face of democracy Southern Nigeria in 2014, impressed the world flying the Nigerian flag at that colorful event at the sun washed Miami Florida USA. At least I got the bragging right- she was one of my cast….

By Stanley Chinedu Acholonu-( Executive Editor @ SMUTKUT Entertainment Blog)

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