guild-of-producers-flyer-1They say that every art has its rules. For example, Literature and English will surely lose its basic essence with miss-spelling and wrong Punctuation, so will our chisom-oz-lee-1movies be affected with bad camera work, scripting, directing and production logistics, drawing attention to itself and away from the art of film making, so the need to have a ruling body is surely a step in the right direction. We have had many false start of the Nollywood USA Producer’s guild in the past. Thank God this time we are set to roll for good.

nollywoodmoviesThe Nollywood Producers nollywood-guild-photosGuild USA is an organization of seasoned and upcoming film makers whose sole interest is the projection and propagation of the art of “African Film Making” outside of the continent. Nollywood Producers Guild USA is particularly film-makers-2 focused on promoting the general welfare and improvement of excellence of the Industry through the creation of a secure distribution structure for fair and efficient content distribution. NPG USA hosts important industry events including Film Screenings, Conferences, Filmmakers Galas, and Awards/Recognition programs.guild-of-producers-flyer-2-2

For some time, film making in the USA have stuck in the revolving door of ‘lack of fund & un professionalism” while most Practitioners have strived to improve their works despite great odds. On October 15th, 2016 filmic history would be made as the founding members of the Nollywood USA Producer’s guild takes up the mantle of leadership to steer the recalcitrant Guild with its truculent & defiant members to what we are inaugurating on the 15th of October, is highly commendable for the New executive members of the guild.oliver-mbamara-1As Nollywood enters this next phase where mediocrity is frowned upon and excellence is lauded. It has become imperative that the founding IMG_0547executives should make sure that all practicing Nollywood film makers on American soil are adequately represented in the composition of its constitution regarding future executives of the guild.ikechukwu 4b

They say that when cob-webs unite, that bethel-1they can tie down the mighty lion. We believe that it is time to come together under one umbrella and usher in this new dispensation in the history of Nollywood USA.  Franchised Nollywood USA has come a long way and on October 15th 2016, NPG-USA will be inaugurating the body that has struggled over the years to keep the filmmakers together.npg-inaugtn-artist-performaers-9-27-16-2 It is very important to know that NPG-USA received a Proclamation of Support & official ik33backing from the commissioner of New York City Office of Film & Media Entertainment.

As we continue to celebrate and honor the brightest brains of our young Nollywood USA Film industry, un equivocally through the proliferations of various movie awards which comes as a two edge- knife lol, first we must recognize our efforts, to encourage others to do better, I call it healthy rivalry- because competition brings out the best in us.nollywood-guild-photos-2

mamie-6dIt now behooves on the new Nollywood Producers Guild to fashion out an acceptable guiding rules and standardization for organizations giving awards to adhere to. They must be seen to have the intrinsic power to exercise thischisom oz3 delicate anomaly within the industry. The basic responsibilities of the new guild are to continue upholding the development, the nurturing and promotion of Nollywood USA Filmic industry to an enviable height. They have to encourage & accommodate more women & other African film producers to be more active within the new guild of Producers. This is an epic event- and they should send out nationwide invitations to all film makers to attend.

BLINDFOLDED FLYER 1Former US President Theodore Roosevelt said that one tenth of wisdom is being wise on time. The new executives must apply the wisdom of Solomon to chima event 4offer olive branch to the uncooperative members so that we can move forward forever this time. They say old habits die hard especially when glory hunting is at stake. Finally, some events test our courage & loyalty, some people inspire our strength & a sense of unity, and some moments define our spirit & passion for what we believe in, that we are film makers, we make mere ideas & words come alive on screen. Nollywood USA Producers are enthusiastic, passionate & resilient. Congratulations Nollywood USA PRODUCERS GUILD.

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stanley-acho-1Stanley Chinedu Acholonu

( Executive Editor @ Smutkut Entertainment Blog)fall15c


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