The Stars will sparkle on Jan. 15th, as Filmmakers celebrate themselves in MD. By Smutkut Entertainment Blog

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stanley Nollywood Director
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Patrick Faucette Hollywood

There is a proverb that says that “the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine; that Champions are willing to do things they hate passionately in order to create something they love passionately; “

On January 15th our Nollywood/African filmmakers will shine & dazzle like Rihanna‘s Diamond in the sky. They will surely have their moments & styles.  In fact, Baltimore has fallen into the hands of Nollywood Movie Emperor – Chima Austin. The moment would be a mini epic of an African entertainment nite which is being programmed to browse through some exotic cities and states across America. One of the basic recurring objectives of this event is the gathering together and celebration of the very best of Africa by using entertainment as a powerful viable tool. It is going to be a night to appreciate motherland, Africa’s rich cultural heritage in grandeur

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Chima Nollywood Producer

The recurring objectives of the event is to create an awesome vision & an awareness that encourages the discovery of an African talents, recognize local & international celebrities, musicians, actors, actresses , top & budding African Models. This awesome vision will also redefine the way we relate to our cultural heritage, drama, comedy, talkshows, film premieres & award events

Other benefits of this epic event would encourage business & artistic networking and promoting of African businesses, products and services. It will equally facilitate closer interactions among African Professionals in all fields of human endeavors, and sharing useful health and wellness ideas among African descendants in the Diaspora.

By Stanley Chinedu Acholonu – Executive Editor @ fall15c Entertainment Blogs

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