dollar-photo-1-revpascal-5Time is the only true global currency, once you spent it, you will never get it back. It’s a colossal force of nature, nothing can abate its ravaging progression on our body, day by day, week by week, month by month we grow older, we count our blessings for being alive. Everything is calculated in time. We breath time, we eat time, we kill time in schools lol, we run against time to work, time even tries to choke us @ our deadlines. We have good times and bad times.

stanley5dPersonally, time has always been a problem for me, finding it, keeping it, using it well and being exhausted by it. I write every time, as a book reviewer, Newspaper Reporter, screen/cyber-net blogger, I require uninterrupted peace & tranquility, I need a stretch of time. Time is so intangibly scarce. Albert Einstein said that gravity is a curvature of time and space. I can preamble forever on time contexts, but today as always is my birthday and I have upgraded to one more year. Giving God all the glory.

pascal-3In an unbroken 6year tradition of my birthday, I spent it reminiscing & musing about everything that comes to my mind in no particular order. Items that made my agenda include God, the Bible & other famous books, Shakespeare, Homer-The Illaid of the Greek Myths, the Biafran Story narratives by Frederick Forsyth my family, love, logic, man & the lure of power, a tribute to Mamie & all women, my step-daughter a poem for the Veterans, a tribute to Ali the greatest, random thoughts of life on the human brain, heart surgery and the sickle cell syndrome.

mamie-6cI also mused aBLINDFOLDED FLYER 1bout my memorable movie lines and famous quotations and anecdotes of history famous people. In fact, my article is for those who enjoy reading and have time for it, I will begin with the greatest.

Mohammed Ali broke the nadir of arrogance in a way only a Greek god can do, especially a bragging god like Zeus. He defined and paved his own way, ideas & nuances and we all had fun riding on it with him.

His death was epic and it clarified our vulnerabilities and mortality. Ali elevateda2 the trashery of words to an unprecedented degree. “Am bad, I can make medicine sick, I handcuffed thunder, drowned water, wrestled Alligator and can injure rocks- am the greatest, I said that before I knew I was.” When Parkinson arrived at his doorstep, it stole that gushy, brashy nuances, his tonality that only him could act. We were so awed & wowed! On how anybody could exceed and shatter that ceilings of arrogance & pride and still be acceptable.

His verbal dexterity was absolute and infinite, so was the impact of his epic death. He was truly the greatest. If he had been a Greek, he would have transcended into their god of trashery. I remembered him dearly on my birthday. I have a childhood friend Innocent Uzoije he influenced my love of Ali, he bought every magazine that Ali ever grazed.

‘As a man thinketh so is he’   the Bible that irrepressible and greatest book of all time said so. How interesting to find out that during difficult times, when you turn to face God that he has been facing you all the while. Today the dynamics of faith have changed. How could we make the illogic become logical and the crooked become straight- you need to open your Bible and find out great stories of that. Last year I talked about who man is, but today and talking about his mindset.

In man’s extreme chauvinism, it delights him to know that a woman was not taken from Adam’s head in the Genesis creation story. Man sincerely believes that a woman must not rule him.

holiday-easter-title-fullscreen-16x9In fact, it delights man that Eve was stripped out somewhere under Adam’s armpit lol. So Eve fitted into man’s chauvinistic mindset. So she must be protected from injuries and harm. The concept of the Bible’s narrative is in resonance with man’s pomposity and arrogance.

Man’s theory of leisure offends the law of conspicuous waste. Man is a cumbrous semantics. He satisfies all the canons of orthography. To man, speech is a civilization given to him by Egypt the watershed of all civilization. The holiest of all books the Bible gave credence to the semanticism of man “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” man is born infinitely unsatisfied. What a tangle web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Always remember that the minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less of what you settle for.

I think that the Bible has a circumference that is everywhere, unlike Shakespeare and other famous books. But most people who reads the Bible regard it as divinely inspired, if not indeed, supernaturally composed. The Bible’s center is God, or perhaps the vision or idea of God, whose location necessarily is unfixed. Shakespeare works have been termed the secular scripture or more simply the fixed center of western canon.

homer-illaid-2-revIn the Greek Myths, Homer’s Illaid ruled homer-illaid-1-revsupreme. I enjoyed how Homeric gods like Zeus and his brothers at the Mount Olympus, can command the obedience and veneration of humans because of their superior powers. And how the humans must seek their favors through offerings.

In the first chapters of the Illaid, I noticed how it was set side by side with radical reconsiderations of the basic principles of Heroic culture, such as the assumptions that honor bearing gifts are worthwhile compensation for the loss of life in battle. Homer’s Illaid has an unparalleled clarity of details and epic battles of adventure.

troy-3-revAchilles evolution from unbridled wrath against King Agenamon of Greece to forgiveness; from savage fury against the Trojans to compassionate reception of King Priam gave the Illaid its moral axis. It moves with marvelous speed and flows with translucent simplicity- the events are clearly ordered, with syntax para tactical with connectives and sub ordinate clauses that are relatively rare. This plainness, so necessary in oral style gives the poem its kinetic energy.

Frederick Forsyth is a larger than life international Non-fiction writer. Whobiafra-book-cover wrote masterful thrillers for more than 40yrs, “The day of the Jackal” “Dogs of War” “The Odessa File” “The Kill List” and now “The Biafran Story” it marked Frederick’s transition from a Journalist to author.   “The Biafran story is one of the most brutal conflicts the Third World has ever suffered” according to Frederick Forsyth. It has become a classic of modern war reporting. The book gave me the impression from the Frederick’s point of view, voicing his outrage not only at the extremes of human violence, but also at the duplicity and self-interest of the Western governments, most notably, the British, who tacitly accepted or actively aided that violence.

biafra-2-revThe combination of this shocking annihilation of indescribable pogrom of unimaginable degree and the shocking exposures combined with Frederick’s forthright perceptive style of simple sentences makes the Biafran story as compelling a read today as when it was first written.

Biafra_Map_FlagI have a feeling that the concept of Biafra is an immortal desire in the innermost hearts of every Igbo extraction anywhere in the world. You can be an Igbo man without being a Biafran, you can be a Non Igbo man and be regarded as a Biafran. This was how the last battle at Uli Airport went down. “Biafrans looked up in the sky and heaved a collective sigh of relief and prepared to die in peace as Ojukwu’s plane left for Ivory Coast. How dramatic the last epic scene of the Biafran fate would be.

Ibos soldiers, civil war, Biafra, Nigeria, April 1968
Ibos soldiers, civil war, Biafra, Nigeria, April 1968

Do you know what? they did not kill Biafra and let her go in a blaze of glory, they proved to be a reliable Sadists. They did something worse, they raped their women, whipped their men and kids at will. By then, Biafra was war weary, Nigerians were war weary too. They were so tired of killing Biafrans and dying on their lands.”

In summary, my holy Bible would always remain the greatest and most popular piece ever written. Shakespeare & Homer both have great styles & classic coolness. Frederick Forsyth hit gold with the narratives of the Biafran tragedy.

They say, that a person is only as good as what they love. Never forget that in Charity there is no excess, so you have to be careful as a giver to set limits because takers rarely do. What we have done for ourselves alone die with us, what we have done for others and the world remains immortal. Never look down on anybody unless you are helping him up. I have learnt that it is our choices that shows who we are truly far more than our abilities. We never see things as they are, but by auto-suggestion, we see them as we are.

dollar-photo-2-revAm a bit confused to note how habits seems safer than rules, because you don’t have to watch them, and you don’t have to keep them either, they keep you lol. Interestingly, men do not quit playing because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing. Always remember in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years. I cracked up thinking on the concept of how religion keeps the poor from murdering the rich

Common sense, which is not really common is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be. Tears shed for oneself are tears of weakness, but tears shed for others are signs of strength. Once in a while, it is better to remain and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubts.

stan-lisa-5I believe that life appears too short to me to be spent nursing animosity or registering wrongs. To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both side. I personally believed that it is better to be loved and lost and never to be loved at all. It is said that the best proof of love is trust. Love is the triumph of imagination and fantasy over intelligence and reason.

The first duty of love is to listen. Have you noticed how grass can grow through cement, it also proves that love can find you at any time of your life. We seem most alive when we are in love, because love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired by somebody.

stanley-3Now switching to marriage musings. You must understand that marriage is not all about four pairs of legs on a bed. Intimacy is what makes a marriage, not ceremony, not a piece of paper from downtown or a certificate from the Pulpit. Marriage is not a noun, it is a verb, it isn’t something you get, it’s something you do. It’s the little way you love your partner every day. In reality, marriage has no guarantee, it is what it is an act of God, which must be entered with good intent. Love and passion are the basic ingredients that run a successful marriage.

stanley4bIn fact, passion seems to be the quickest to develop in a woman, and it is equally the quickest to fade. Intimacy by default develops very slowly, while marriage bad boy the ‘commitment ‘usually need a lot of incentives to be moved to any point. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Nobody can ever love two persons at the same time.

stanley-2Finding her was like finding Nimo & Doren, it literally took a life time to find her, finding her was like finding me. She epitomizes or typifies concisely that concept of a strong courageous woman. A master planner, a resourceful home maker, evoking and eliciting that spiritual aura that pervades in any stable home. Should I go on gushing ! nope. Mamie Acholonu is the heartthrob that I have searched for a lifetime. She can be meek as a Lamb and as fierce as a Tigress when pushed to the wall. Among many other things she is a prayer warrior lol, a good one. My swearing habits has been under the Holy Ghost attack everyday lol oh.

STAN LEY reserved picture 1On Mamie’s strength, I salute and honor all women, in every circumstance, women wish to be loved without a why or wherefore not because they are pretty or good, graceful or intelligent, but because they are themselves. They are like pictures, of no value in the hands of a fool until he hears that men of sense bid her for the purchase.

IMG_5516Women has strength that amazes me, they smile when they feel like screaming, they sing when they feel like crying. They cry when they are happy, and laugh when they are afraid. Their love is so unconditional, only one thing is wrong with women, they forget what’s their worth, in the kitchen, bedroom and at various work places. Our women are so priceless indeed.

nelson-mandela-2a-revIt takes courage to achieve greatness. I don’t chase dreams I hunt goals by Chinedu Acholonu. Nelson Mandela said “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”

roland-reagan-1-revFormer US President, Ronald Reagan said “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Today I remember my step-daughter Olivia, joining the US Army, very talented young woman, resilient, focused, iridescent, pristine now army strong. On her strength, I will compose a patriotic poem on the life of the Veterans in war zone.

“America, birthplace of Liberty; Immigrants, centuries at the gates of Ellis & JFK they rush. In search of your fabled dreams; few find it in fame and cash. While thousands; destiny they blame. Tell me America, why their rush, why do they seek you; maybe they seek your immortal liberty, freedom of expression, the rule of law & due process of Justice. You are paradox personified.

Uncertain and troublesome is the Veteran’s day in war; hope belied his fear & his fear belied his hope. His mission has no margin of error ; is zero failure. The law of Yukun he must remember; that only the strong survives. In Ottoman’s region every inch hundred lives perish; every house, every alley, suicidal determined enemy lurks. Every Veteran’s step is assured by fate and rigorous training.

mamie4cHis life span in Ottoman’s land is zero; he survives each day to fight another day, like the ancient Roman gladiators. The enemy’s determined hate; the Veteran’s unconquerable will. In Ottoman’s mamie-5dregion of war; they clash, the Veteran’s courage stood like the colossal; in harm’s way he gallantly stood, never submitting, never yielding until victory was achieved in that land of complex religion.

mamie-5cThe Veteran’s code; leave no one behind, all for one & one for all is the Veteran’s last hope in battle. You put your life down if need be to protect our freedom & liberty. On my birthday I honor your courage & supreme sacrifices with all my heart, for the sake of freedom, Justice. This is for Olivia my African Amazon.

The purpose of power is the exercise power, how else can I say it, that the aroma of power is sweet is already been clichéd. Interestingly, the real purpose man seek power is often and extensively and thoughtfully hidden, by deliberate misstatements. His crafty intention would be most eloquently in styling himself as the friend of the masses, masses my foot indeed.

mamie-5adollar-photo-1-revIf you are poor, you want to become rich, while people rich obviously wants to upgrade themselves among the powerful. This I call the fallacy of human folly. To know the pains of power, we must go to those who have it and weld it. To know its pleasure, we must go to those who seek it, those willing to sell their soul to amass it. Surely the deep fire of ambition rage in them.

The lure of power is immensely immense, elaborate rituals of obeisance, admiring multitudes and being caught up in the trappings of Self adulations that my people wants me to lead them. The odd is a heavy burden. I see in my mind’s eye, that to demand excessively for power, is for man to live on the PRECIPICE of vanity, and a one-way ticket to the pit of Hades.

That brings us to the only word nobody wants to ascribe to themselves, nobody not even kids. It is called Selfishness. In the end we are all humans, being human could mean that morality can quickly jump out of the window. And being human again could mean that there’s some degree of selfishness. As for me I like changes that does not affect my vested interest period.

We always forget or never aware that the DNA of all humans are intricately wired with a strand tint of Selfishness embedded in the cortex of our brains. Its starts with mere babies crying all night when not attended to, two year olds will vehemently refuse to share their toys. Three to five year olds will run away with their IPADS, selfishly play it all day. Six to Nine years will finish the last Apple or fruit drinks straight from the bottle in the family Fridge without any sense of considerations for others.

As we grow older, it becomes Self Preservation. Inside air-borne flight, you would be seriously advised to be very selfish. It would be gross foolishness not to put on your life gear & oxygen mask before helping others. I call this calibrations of human selfishness in our human existence.”

troy-2-rev3600 years ago when the Greek state were evolving, Socrates the great Philosopher propounded the theory of ‘Self Preservation’ he literally demonstrated it in the market place. A live coal was thrown in between the breast of a nursing mother and her baby- the mother threw away the baby and remove the live coal, then quickly rushed to retrieve the baby.

He defied & compromised a mother’s love that was on a scale of 10 to 10 for her new born baby, just to prove the theory of selfishness & Self Preservation. For centuries, humans have evolved several categories of selfishness. Most people find it very inconceivable and awkward to admit that they are selfish. We are all selfish to an acceptable level of Self Preservation.

dollar-photo-2-revNow I want to reminisce about real money, real men and loud money lol. By default, real money is not loud neither do real men waste their lives in hollow pursuits of vain pleasures, material acquisition and conspicuous consumption. You would have noticed that real money has a sense of privilege and the responsibilities that comes with it.

When I was growing up in Nigeria, I saw a lot of real men who bought and drove flat boot Mercedes and Volvo cars were ubiquitous. Loud men are car worshippers, they literally worship their fleet of cars, they rather acquire the latest car than pay an urgent extended family member hospital bill, school fees etc.

Real men are very inconspicuous and selfless in whatever they do. As a writer I have experienced loud men who strived so hard to get cheap naked publicity as a young news reporter for the Nigerian Television Authority NTA at the beginning of my career. As a feature writer for the TV GUIDE Magazine of NTA then, my pen witnessed all the arrivals, rise and fall of literally all the Nollywood stars from 97 – 2016.

DSC02471I was a star writer, they seek my face, and I seek their own too lol, they lobby me & I lobby them to have a scoop. I have experienced a lot of news makers & movie Stars trample on modesty with ease. I have never seen anything among men swifter than rumor & gossip. In fact, gossip is a vice enjoyed vicariously by the high and low in any society.

Life has to be lived forwards but understood backwards. Everyman is a hero and Oracle to somebody. troy-1-revHistory remembers Kings and not Soldiers, King Agenaemon of Ancient Greece told Achilles deep into the mythical Trojan war set 3650 years ago. Today Goodluck Jonathan Nigerian last former President had captured the heart of a nation by accepting his political defeat, the same way Nigeria got her Independence from the British.

I think history & posterity will be fair in judging him. Jonathan had the fate of the Roman Julius Caesar, stabbed and betrayed by those he trusted most. Shakespeare put it this way, “ security is man’s chiefest enemy.” And I said that “we learn from experience at the cost of mistakes.” On a comic side, his wife lady Patience’s vocabulary inadequacies awed and entertained a jaded nation.

Its time now to have my random enlightening thoughts about the medical facts of life. For Example, something like an open heart operation, what does it really involve, simply draining blood from the body, before this process of draining blood, the human body must be cooled to 15-heart-surgery-1-revdegree centigrade temperature. Medically, cooling our body to this degree temperature almost stops all body function since the function of the organs are slowed down, our bodies does not need flowing blood supply. Apparently, the organs and tissues will keep surviving and continue to live just for a short period while the operation lasts.

brain-1-2revTalking about the human brain is another interesting part of my random thoughts this year. At jonathan-ebele-goodluck-3-revconceptions, the Chromosomes the building blocks of life will gradually begin to assemble as the brainy part of the fetus, which will then write out our genetic map within the next nine months.

Our brain is about 1/40th of the human body mass, faster than the super-computers that it created. Our brains sent man to the moon, and recalibrated the sonic sound of the ocean depth. Within the human brain is a complex group of 10 billion nerve cells. Nature did a calculus of the number and finalized that he will not replace them- our brain cells are never replaced. They apparently remain enough within our life span. Our God of creation is awesome indeed.

About two centuries ago in the deep mangrove rains forest of Nigeria, Ogbanje & Abiku reigned fearfully. The coming and going, the re incarnation of an evil child to a particular mother was how the dark side of Pre-colonial Nigeria entertained the issue of Sickle cell anemia. Enlightenment on this is my last random medical thoughts. We thank God for science and a quantum leap in medical science.

sickle-cell-pic-1-revI was amazed and happy to understand that Sickle Cell Anemia is caused by a mere minute chemical change at the molecular level in the DNA of our gene, this fundamental little change results in the production of a slightly changed Hemoglobin known by the public as Hemoglobin S.

In people possessing only Hemoglobin S, the ultimate effect of this small but mighty change is a severe ill health and unusual death, circulatory disturbances, physical weakness anemia and Brian damage. It is said that those who transfer knowledge are also capable of transferring error lol so be careful of what you read.

All men fall, but only the great ones that get back up. I have candidly observed that we, men do not really decide our future, we simply form a habit, then our habits will decide our future. When you give, it shows that you have started conquering your creed. We also know that the proof that we desire something is the pursuit of that thing. Patience is the weapon that forces deception to reveal its ugly face.

The down fall of many great men is their appetite, and many of them repeat their failures because they refuse to be guided by the lessons of history. One of the pragmatic signs of a matured mind is the ability to dissent without creating IMG_1183dissension.

IMG_1182Reminisces of an epic class room event, the setting was Government College Owerri, Chemistry lab of class 3, equivalent of US middle school kind of, we were being introduced to the periodic table, calculations involving masses & Gases etc. I have a permanent seat at the front row, that day as soon as our very skinny Asian Lady Chemistry teacher came in, her funny accent reverberated in the dead silence classroom as she called out my name to state “Gay Lusac’s Law” you can literally squeeze out the silence that follows in your hands.

I stood up in my impeccably clean uniform with glasses properly fixed and answered “it states that when gases react, that they do so in volumes, their temperature pressure remaining constant” she grinned from ear to ear exposing her yellowish teeth, then followed by a resounding ovation. That morning I was lucky to memorized that chapter at the boarding hostel. Till today I have never forgotten the definition of Gay Lusac Law” lolIMG_1190

Another classroom epic moment was more dramatic than the Gay Lusac definition. It was our Philippine mathematics teacher who enjoys math’s so much, that day he asked the whole class to explain what a Right Angle Triangle means. Three students already failed it before he called me out and gave me chalk to go and explain it graphically.

But I choose to explain it. I stated that “in any right angle triangle, that the squares on the hypotenuse is equal to the squares on the other two sides” waoh. He nodded his head in agreement with my answer. The two above definitions have been rendered permanently in my brain.




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